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make me choose: the meme

ohfantine asked: amy dyer or something you hate like loki

Anonymous said: HOLY CRAP BINGLEY AND MARIUS ARE TOTALLY RELATED SOMEHOW OH MY GOD AND I mean, Jane and Bingley is pretty much how I imagine Marius and Cosette's relationship to be. You have changed my life.

They’re just another Marius and Cosette it’s adorable I mean if they double dated the world would melt under their feet it’s terrible actually. I mean they even LOOK ALIKE.

Why is there no photoset of Amy and Philip playing crazy golf I need them.





New picture from the new shoot in Paris



Things we must remember:

Joly and Bossuet as Grantaire’s drinking buddies is canon


so with that in mind, imagine if you will a teeny tiny Joly matching Grantaire shot for shot when they meet and Grantaire just blurting out "Where the fuck do you put it all?


Is it for me ? Oh my god it’s for me thank you so much is it my birthday or something ? ♥♥
He’s so swag too, I can feel the glitters in his eyes my zombie baby boy.


I’m having so much fun can you tell ? I can basically spread all the headcanons in different characters it’s magical. Those are a quick description from this post. I’ll post the non-clones later maybe since I doodled about it.


im also really indecisive about grantaire but love the idea of him being in gryffindor but having a lot of existential angst bc he doesn’t think he belongs there?? ANYTHING FOR SELF LOATHING GRANTAIRE HAHA I HATE MYSELF

EXACTLY. And it would all make sense the day he has to stand up and fight understand for, like, maybe twelve seconds of happiness BUT STILL.