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no one lives forever
       but i’ll be remembered



I fell in love with the world in you. [x]



Misplaced jealousy attack
I’m gonna fucking cry

I feel you there.



There is nothing I don’t love about the Series of Unfortunate Events universe.



Marcy’s not aiming for the ice cream at all…



Courfeyrac grew up in a nondescript household with a mother and father that existed as quietly as they could, went to work, got groceries, and never did anything out of the ordinary. Or so it would have appeared to any one of their neighbors. Courfeyrac grew up learning her lessons differently than most children. Her mother would reminder her, on nights when Courfeyrac wanted to play football with the other kids on the street, of the stories of their ancestors, other fire witches that had been found out as one of the worlds most dangerous magical creatures. They had a long history of death and destruction, from the Great Fire in London in 1666 to the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire in New York. The fire came with passion. It would consume her hands and sometimes her hair, burning anything it came in contact with other than her own skin. Courfeyrac would have to learn to control her emotions, an almost impossible trait for an idealist young adult excluded from almost all of society. The trapped feeling would lead her to find the Underground, to deal in the black market despite what her parents told her, trying to find some way to stop the fire that would cover her. It would take until meeting Enjolras and Combeferre for Courfeyrac to feel safe. Fire witches, like gorgons are not even welcome in magical circles. They are too dangerous, accidents happen so Courfeyrac feels alienated from everyone. Her greatest treasure are the large gloves Combeferre enchanted to contain the fire. They were not sure they would work at first but a few mishaps and arguments later Courfeyrac owned a pair of gloves that would let her be herself in the world. They give her freedom.


The Backstory | Enjolras | Combeferre | Courfeyrac Grantaire | Jehan

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The Clones  Helena

Seestra? You’re my twin seestra.