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Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering if you could help me. I'm going to Paris in late October and I wanted to know what kind of weather I should be expecting? Temperature and rain/wind/sunny? I live in Iceland so really I have no idea what to bring with me! Thank you in advance xxx!

Erh, actually, the weather is going mad lately so I don’t really know. We’ve had a lot of wind and a not so hot summer in France lately Paris included so it’s hard to say but you can definitely expect something a little cold. Rainy, definitely, but really, no too cold or anything, it’s acceptable. 

Sometimes I think back on those times where I was younger, around 15 or 16 years old top, and would get directly hit on by a man, not a boy, a man. I wouldn’t talk about it even though I was uncomfortable and even took on myself on being proud that a man would find me attractive while I was just a teenager, a freaking child, and it happened so many times and that’s just the worst reaction to have. It scares me a lot to think that I could find that normal because I wasn’t confident and thought this was a good thing and not something to report somehow. Terrifying. 





Look into my eyes so you know what it’s like to live a life not knowing what a normal life’s like.


Is cy-lindric supposed to be every les mis blog’s theme now did i miss something ?



ok but hear me out- what about a lightning bolt scar that looked like real lightning?



"On sunny afternoons when he’s in the apartment, he gets a pillow from the couch and follows the sunlight across the living room floor, perfectly on the path of the carpet, sprawling and smiling and lazy, usually ending up right in Grantaire’s path on his way to the kitchen by the time the sun starts going down."

Years Since it’s Been Clear

even if smoo hadn’t nagged me to do this i couldn’t have resisted doing fanart for this ficlet of lady_ragnell's, it was just a really really lovely image and gave me a chance to play with lighting and posing and drawing enjolras consistently.


Give me Courfeyrac mixes and I’ll doodle you something that’s what I’m come down to. 


Learning that your favourite face has a twin is always some kind of transcending experience.